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Keeping Your Space Clean

J.G. Janitorial Services provides comprehensive cleaning services for customers of all sectors throughout Winnipeg.

Office & Workspace Cleaning

Keeping your office clean helps your workers be happier and more productive.

Commercial & Retail Cleaning

Our cleaning services can help you maintain a spic and span brand image.

J.G. Janitorial Services Provides Janitor Services for All Sectors in Winnipeg

You take pride in your company’s image. Cleanliness and presentation are big parts of that. At J.G. Janitorial Services, we understand that, and we take our own pride in helping transform your space into a clean, inviting, and beautiful environment. We are here to ensure your workspace is properly reflective of the high standards you set.


We offer a wide range of janitor services for all manner of environments throughout Winnipeg and the surrounding area, from home or daycare cleaning all the way up to industrial and warehouse services.

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Our Services

School corridor

School & Daycare Cleaning

Keeping a clean environment for learning and growing is crucial for a child’s development.

Healthcare Facility Cleaning

We help healthcare facilities keep the sterile environment they need to operate.

Great Attention to Detail

We run a busy retail store in Winnipeg. It is important for us to keep our store front clean and dust free. J.G.’s attention to detail is unlike any other commercial cleaning company we have dealt with in the past. The crew will remove fixtures and stands and take care in putting them back into place. This saves our team time from having to set up our store over again every time we need a cleaning!


Store Manager

Cleaning Supplies

Why Choose Us?

J.G. Janitorial Services Ltd. has been a trusted name since 1992, serving Winnipeg with dedication and excellence. We stand out for several reasons:

  • Bonded and Insured

  • WHMIS Trained on Health and Safety

  • Security and Solo Work Training

  • "Going Green" with Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

  • Flexible Schedules and Arrangements

  • Proud Members of COR, BBB


We are your proud partners in maintaining a clean, safe, healthy, and beautiful environment. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Warehouse Shelves from Above

Industrial & Warehouse Cleaning

Cleanliness ensures safe and efficient operations for the industrial and warehouse sector.

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